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Contact Us - Regarding golf events hosted by Dame Laura Davies (UK & Worldwide)


Corporate Hosted Golf Days   

Dame Laura hosts your company golf day, gives a clinic/exhibition before play, plays 18 holes and presents the prizes after dinner


Corporate Pro Am Days   

Dame Laura hosts your day, gives a clinic/exhibition before play, plays 18 holes with a chosen group and presents the prizes after dinner

Tailored specifically to fit your day, we organise and supply the other touring Pros as required

Pro Am days normally work best with groups of one Pro and three Am's 

An example of a standard Pro Am would include Dame Laura and 19 other women Pros, allowing for 60 invited Am guests to participate within 20 Groups of 4


Please note, as standard with both days listed above we simply facilitate Dame Laura and/or the other Pros if required for your golf day.

However we can provide (at extra cost) a representative to help with the organisation of your day and to also attend the day itself.


Please Contact Us by email with inquiries regarding Hosted Days or Pro Am's  



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