560439_3b30f53c02de40b3bae170c25dd4d68a         "These 10 tips below should all help your game but number 3 is my five star tip".             


1. Always warm up before playing a round of golf, never go to that first tee cold turkey. It's a mistake made by a lot of club golfers, a bad start sets the tone.

2. If you are unsure or nervous about a shot, always choose the lesser club and hit the ball harder.

3. If your in real trouble, just try to get back in the fairway if you can, don't take on too much and there by compound one mistake with another. 

4. Complete your backswing, a lot of club golfers have too short a backswing. This can lead to a very quick swing, which is not generally a good thing.

5. In bunkers really follow through with the shot, don't decelerate at impact and quit on it. Take two inches of sand behind the ball and really thump it. 

6. With chips, again accelerate through the chip, better a shorter backswing and accelerate, than a longer backswing and decelerate.

7. Try to have positive thoughts over shots, see only the fairway or the pin and not any trouble that might be there. Negative thoughts lead to poor shots.

8. Generally take more club and get the ball to the hole more often. Too many club golfers come up short more often than not. Get your putts past the hole too.

9. If chipping isn't a strong point, use the putter from fringes or even light rough , a poor chip is normally much worse than a poor putt. Golf is about how many.

10. Finally and probably most important of all, enjoy your golf and smell the roses along the way. Golf is supposed to be a lot of fun.


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